This Is How I Can Walk More Than 50,000 Steps a Day without feeling any tiredness or Discomfort

By Scott M. Gilliard

Two years ago I got a special 47th birthday gift from my doctor – he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis.

The sharp, aching discomfort in my feet got worse and worse.

Then one day my wife came home with a pair of Bareway Shoes.

The first time I put them on… INSTANT relief.

Take a look at the results below and see why l've become a fan!

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It Packs 5 Actions in 1 Product!

  • Strengthen the muscles in your feet
  • Reduces your risk of ankle and knee injuries
  • Improves the Connection Between Feet and Brain
  • Improves your proprioception
  • Greater flexibility

Strengthen the muscles in your feet

Barefoot shoes do not force your feet into a specific position; instead, they hug your feet’s natural curve.

This allows your feet to move more naturally and in a more aligned manner, as Mother Nature intended.

Better alignment allows you to gain strength and move more freely. With stronger foot muscles, you can absorb impact more effectively and learn to properly engage the muscles in your feet.

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Reduces your risk of ankle and knee injuries

With barefoot shoes, your ankles get stronger, which is better for control and stability.

Also, many knee and hip injuries stem from a collapse at the feet, so strengthening the muscles in your feet encourages better posture and reduces your risk of injuring yourself in the future.

Improves your proprioception

Proprioception is the sensory feedback loop you get from your nervous system that tells your brain about your body’s positioning and any forces acting on, near, or around your body.

The bottoms of your feet have proprioceptive nerves that send out information about where your body is in space to different areas of the brain involved in movement coordination, balance control, spatial perception, and so much more.

One proven way to optimize this foot-brain connection is to wear barefoot shoes.


Greater flexibility

You can wear minimalist, barefoot shoes everywhere on concrete, rock, sand, soil, water, and uneven surfaces. They are ideal for every occasion.

Bareway shoes provide traction, protection, comfort, and breathability.You can wear them to the gym, for walking, running, or simply relaxing.

Connecting to the ground is always a good experience.

It's a great way to develop foot strength, stability, and flexibility naturally. Lightweight, flexible shoes are well-known for increasing mobility and health.

Why are Bareway Feels shoes getting hundreds of 5-star reviews and even media attention?

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The Science Behind the Importance of Barefoot Shoes

Our feet have a myriad of nerves. Our tongues, hands, faces, and feet are all very sensitive to touch, so wherever the body packs in nerves are often an important area.

Touch travels from the skin and associated areas to the brain, where it is able to create a constant detailed living map of our bodies. This map allows us to make important movement decisions.

The more detailed our brain map, the more accurately and quickly we can respond to our environment. In layman’s terms, this is one definition of proprioception.

Proprioception is our body’s ability to understand what each of our joints, muscles, and bones are doing at any given time.

So, the more in tune we are with our surroundings, the more capable we are of making split-second decisions with far-reaching consequences. Consider someone who has excellent balance, and proprioception, and is in tune with their body.

They step down a curb, they slip and quickly correct this slip before injuring themselves.

A person with poor balance, feet in shoes from a young age, and a lack of proprioception, on the other hand, experiences the same environmental factor, a slip.

They are unable to make a quick adjustment and fall, thus breaking their ankle. The same situation, but two very different outcomes.

Conclusion: “Fast-Acting Pain Relief!” Get A 50% OFF On Bareway Shoes TODAY ONLY.

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Please Note

  • Ever since the Bareway was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold a lot of them. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, they are offering a Happiness Guarantee or Money Back and 50% OFF until Midnight.